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Richard Townsend

It’s hard to predict the future but I don’t think the OWR&N lettering will be used in the mid 1960s.

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The cars are lettered as class B-50-41.  The prototype B-50-41 was a 1944 AAR box car with R/3/4 Early Improved Dreadnaught ends, and a diagonal panel roof.  These cars also had Alternating Center Rivets, which the model certainly does not have (few models do).  One could add them using Archer rivets, or one could do as I do and INTEND to add the Archer rivets someday… J


The number series for the B-50-41 in 1951 was 101600 – 105099, so these models fit that number series.







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I received a 3 pack Accurail set of the cars shown in the attached photo. The cars do not have the O.-W.R.& N. small letters to show ownership which the Jan. 1953 ORER states they should have.  The cars have R-3-4 ends and have a diagonal panel roof.  Wondering when built and when painted in this paint scheme if prototype exists.
Thank You for your time and effort to help in advance.

Lester Breuer

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