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Jack Burgess

I have never had a problem with gluing them in place. I think that I have been using canopy glue.


Jack Burgess


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The only problem I have with the HiTech air hoses is that of fastening them on. The silicon-rubber resists all common adhesives (ACC, Goo, Shoe-Goo, white glue, acetate cement, Gorilla glue, epoxy, bathtub caulk, etc.) … NOTHING sticks to this rubber. The air hoses then simply fall off or get pulled out in service. What does work is to slide a small piece of fine brass tubing over the hose-shank and crimp it on the hose … then glue the tube to the model. This makes a mechanical fastening rather than a glued one. It works. The trick is finding tubing small enough, about 1/32” diam. K&S makes it, but does not sell it through hobby shops. It shows up in their big “grab bags” fairly often. Another possibility would be hypodermic needle stock. I suppose a piece fo flat brass bar stock could also be crimped onto the hose.


Dan Mitchell


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I’ve used then since they were first introduced with the Precision Scale bracket. The PS brackets have dimple for starting the bit, but the castings aren’t always complete at the U-bolt, so I ‘ve lost a few by drilling through the side of the U-bolt. Start the hole with a #79 bit, then move up to a #77, then a #76. The air pipe on the air hose sometimes has a casting line with flash that interferes with threading it through the U-bold. I ‘ve cut off the flash with a double edge razor blade, which has a thinner blade and is sharper than a single edge razor blade. If the flash is minimal, I taper the end of the air pipe slightly to get it started while threading it into the U-bolt. I bought some YMW air hose brackets to try, but I haven’t used any yet. The detail is better on PS brackets, but the YMW brackets look like it would be easier to thread the air pipe since the hole is drilled before bending, and the metal isn’t as hard to drill.


Anybody want to buy a large supply of Kadee plastic air hoses cheap?


Nelson Moyer


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] hi tech HO air hoses


I have posted this request with the Early Rails Grp already but thought I would ask this grp too. I'm interested in "investing" in Hi Tech HO freight car air hoses and would like to know what experiences people have had with them. I would be equipping about 80 pieces of rolling stock so this would be a significant expenditure in resources. They offer 22" and 26" lengths in HO. I presume the 22" is for earlier eras  Any info or insights about them would be appreciated.


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