Re: hi tech HO air hoses

Nelson Moyer

Use Pacer Formula 560.


Nelson Moyer



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I have tried “canopy glue” with poor results … unfortunately the term “canopy glue” covers several products from various manufacturers, and they are NOT all the same product. What I have found is very similar to Microscale’s “Crystal clear”, which is just white glue formulated to be clear when dry … it does not stick very well to much of anything (that’s not its purpose).


Dan Mitchell


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I have never had a problem with gluing them in place. I think that I have been using canopy glue.

Jack Burgess

    Canopy glue is apparently a form of PVA glue.  They call PVA about the same as white glue but it's not.  You can get a gallon of PVA in the UK but apparently not in the US.  I watched a video using it for water.  Anyway try Canopy glue or I recently bought a bottle of Elmer's "Craftbond" Quick Dry Glue that might work.

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