Re: hi tech HO air hoses

Tony Thompson

Dan Mitchell wrote:

I have tried “canopy glue” with poor results … unfortunately the term “canopy glue” covers several products from various manufacturers, and they are NOT all the same product. What I have found is very similar to Microscale’s “Crystal clear”, which is just white glue formulated to be clear when dry … it does not stick very well to much of anything (that’s not its purpose).

   I strongly disagree. I too have experimented with various products of the "white glue" family, and canopy glue is NOT, repeat NOT, just like any others, including Crystal Clear. Canopy glue is in fact a tenacious adhesive, and is excellent for bonding dissimilar materials, such as wood to plastic, or plastic to metal, etc. And it has the great advantage in some situations that it remains flexible.
     Let me mention one more time my blog post on the topic, which contains some additional detail:

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