Re: Perishable Waybills: Always Pink? (Preferred Movement Waybill)

Bob Chaparro

Preferred Movement Waybill

This text below is from the Station Agent's Blue Book: A Practical Reference Book for those Actively Engaged in Station Work by Otto Bernard.Kirkpatrick, Kirkpatrick Publishing Company, 1928.


Individual pages from this book may be download as text.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


Preferred Movement Waybill. The "Freight Waybill—Preferred Movement" is the form of waybill recommended by the Railway Accounting Officers Association, and it is used by most carriers in waybilling perishable shipments. It is printed on pink paper, and while as to form it is exactly like the ordinary freight waybill, its distinctive color, and the preferred-movement notation, indicates that the shipment should receive prompt and special attention. 601. Some carriers whose requirements are not large do not provide a special form of preferred-movement waybill, but use the ordinary freight waybill for perishable shipments and indorse it "Perishable" or some equally appropriate symbol to call special attention to the  importance of the shipment covered.

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