Re: DL&W 40' Rebuilt Automobile Boxcars were they ever converted to Auto Parts ?


Lackawanna wasn't in the auto parts business and it served no big auto plants.  We're not aware that the DF loaders were ever removed. DL&W autocars transported mostly new vehicles from factory to customer siding. Nickel Plate and Wabash were the biggest sources of new autos heading from Detroit to Eastern markets. Cars received in Buffalo were mostly forwarded to Jersey City yards and floated to Brooklyn, Manhattan and Bronx, and at team tracks across the system.

Attached are a couple of photos. The black and white photo was from 1950 in Newton on the Sussex Branch as a car was behind shoved along the loading dock at the freight house. Hal Carstens collection (he didn't shoot these; they were fuzzy box camera negatives that I printed in the 1980s.)

As for paint, some did get the Phoebe Snow billboard repaint but I've seen no photos of the Yarmouth cars in billboard paint.. After 1955 many boxcar repaints got no billboard at all. Photos of the Yarmouth cars aren't common since the main line trains moving auto loads and empties were night runners on the east end.

Hope this helps                            ....Mike Del Vecchio

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I am trying to get information on DL&W  11500 series Auto Boxcars re-built 35-37. These cars had Auto Racks installed when built, but my question is, Were the Auto racks ever removed and the cars used for Auto Parts loads?  If so, what year were the Auto Racks removed? Were Parts racks installed?  Did the ""AUTOMOBILE"  lettering get painted out at any point or  did it remain? I was interested in Building Yarmouth Kit  YMW-115, but want to build a late 1940's version.  The Kit is lettered " As Built" Mid-1930's. I am unable to find any photo's of this car later than 1939 on line, so I have no idea what lettering scheme these cars had 1940-1950.

 Any Information would help,

 Thank You

 Eric Thur

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