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Dave Bayless

Hi Jon, I just read an advertisement from RMC Magazine. They are looking to either buy and have donated slide collections, all eras and all railroad types and categories. If published, they will include your name as owner of the collection so your byline will appear with the images. Contact Kevin Eudaly at keudaly@.... BTW, I have no affiliation or connection with White River and am not a paid publicity member. I was just thinking of donating my own collection to White River, but I like your idea of putting them on a DVD first.

Dave SilverStreak Bayless


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        I found some slides from long ago, most on Kodachrome.  I took them to Costco this morning to get a DVD of them.  Quite a few from Eugene Oregon when I was a teen and I used to sit and watch the hump yard.  In those days one could wander around the yard with no one bothering you.

    Some of the Empire Builder around the same period.  Maybe one or two.  When I get the DVD and can identify them better will post.  Is there any interest in the slides?

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