Re: Printing White Decals was Super Clean Degreaser to remove lettering

A&Y Dave in MD

This is my hobby. I couldn’t make enough at decals to compete with my day job. I have done special runs for friends at cost and supported the Carolina RPM with the Southern vent boxcar, but have no interest in a second career. I’ve seen what that can do to people.

 I bought a $200 printer and a $200 (with shipping from Germany) cartridge and i’m set for life.  I have printed about 30 8x11 sheets of decals so far and i haven’t gone below 95% full on cartridge. Some cannot afford $400 for all the custom white decals you’ll need, but for about a DCC sound loco cost, i felt it was worth the advantage to add a second number to a commercial car like the Kadee boxcar or create accurate 1934 era data and lettering.  I was looking to replace my ALPS and those are not made or supported commercially any more. The Ghost White AND printer was less than my investment in track/switches or DCC system or a single locomotive. Seems worth it to have my fleet of steam era cars be equally accurate.

Btw there is a US source for Ghost White now, so shipping will be less. 


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David Bott, modeling the A&Y in '34

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