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I agree with Bob Chaparro's assesment of Prismacolor pencils.  I would encourage taking this a step further and combining this with decals or dry transfers.  Michael Gross on one of his tutorials on boxcars used either decals or dry transfers,  weathered the car and then applied pencil chalk marks.  This gave a combination of new and old chalk marks.  The results are the best I have ever seen for realistic looking chalk marks.

Bill Pardie

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Date: 5/26/19 7:59 AM (GMT-10:00)
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Peter, I can't help you with this problem but as an alternative I recommend using Prismacolor Verithin (not regular Prismacolor) art pencils. I've conducted several 'hands-on" chalk marking clinics and most modelers learn to simulate good chalk marks within minutes.

Plus, you are not limited to the contents of a decal or dry transfer sheet.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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