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Richard Brennan

At 05:52 PM 5/26/2019, Jeff wrote:
So having acquired the toner, is it just a case of printing your text/design on decal paper, cutting it out and doing the wet-slide thing?
The Ghostwhite cartridge physically replaces the 'K' (blacK) toner cartridge in compatible CMYK color laser printers, including many HP and some others.

Set-up decal artwork for 'true black' (CMYK = 0-0-0-100)... not 'rich black' (CMYK = 100-100-100-100) and your black artwork will print as white. I print on TangoPapa decal paper.

A presentation on artwork and printing white decals from the 2018 PCR NMRA convention should be available shortly (and belatedly) at:
and discusses artwork preparation and a brief overview of the three most-available white decal digital printing options; ALPS, Ghostwhite, and UV-LED.

An example of use on an early P&R HKa hopper is at:
with an embedded link to an MRH blog at: ...
The decal discussion is in the more recent (5/21/2019) posts.

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