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Gary and Bill are absolutely right, but here's a further idea:

Take them apart.
Copy them en toto, two copies (or more).
Reassemble the originals
Bind the copies however you want to.
Place the originals in a reputable 501(c)3 non-profit archive, accessible to
the public under proper archival supervision and care.
Sell the extra copies at auction to cover the costs incurred in this process
(and maybe make a little extra).
Take that tax deduction in April 04 8^)


Might consider digitizing them as pdf's and selling those, too . . .

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I strongly agree.

Preserve the original, use the copy.

Chris Barkan

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<< Bill,

If it were me, I'd CAREFULLY take the books apart, make copies to use as
want, and put the originals back together as they were. This gives you a
copy to mark on or punch holes in as you see fit and not destroy the
original, and therefore its value.

gary roe

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