Rapido NP DS Boxcars

gary laakso

The car fleet ended up with many duplicate numbers, so the weekend hobby time has been spent upgrading the cars and changing their numbers.  Kadee scale couplers became and the replacements and InterMountain semi scale wheel sets were substituted and brushed painted as the renumbering was underway.  Solvaset was able to soften the numbers after the second drop was allowed to evaporate.  Some easy rubbing removed the last number of the six models completed.  The NPRA decal set for Rapido Boxcars was such a perfect match that the Rapido cars could have been decaled.  Of course, the earliest of the boxcars required the removal and replacement of the  very small car number used in the NP style of car capacity on the right side in addition to the large number on the left side.   The assembled Sunshine kits for this series compares very well with the Rapidos. 


Gary Laakso

Northwest of Mike Brock


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