Re: Printing white and black together, was: Results, Super Clean Degreaser to remove lettering

Dave Parker

A two-part decal (white over black) is SOP for the NYC herald as offered in commercial sets.  YMMV, but I would rather deal with the registration problem on the model (HO scale) than in a printer that is not designed to self-register (like an ALPS is).  With the right decal paper (Tango Papa!), the combined thickness of the two films is a complete non-issue.  There are single film decals out there that are worse (not naming namer mind you).

As for spoofing the printer into printing black and white at the same time, I am not sure how that would be executed.  I am no expert, but when I am composing artwork on screen, I think am in RGB, i.e., black is 0-0-0, which is then mapped to 0-0-0-100 in CMYK.  And, to take advantage of the Ghost, the white art is also black, i.e.,  the printer thinks is it's printing black, again 0-0-0-100 but the W cartridge is swapped in for B.  So, both colors would be black during composition (that would seem problematic in itself), and one of them would have to be remapped to 100-100-100-0 somehow.  Hmmmm....

I think I will stick with two-part decals, a depth that I am comfortable in.

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

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