Photo: Delivering A 1957 Chevy

Andy Carlson

If it were not in PA., this could have been the delivery of our Southern California 1957 4-door Chevy. As a kid, I remember being troubled--should I be glad to have a 57 Chevy, or embarrased to have a 4-door. Ours was two tone yellow/white.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Model Railroader, in their September 1958 issue, presented an article on scratch building these unique cars.

Regards from Mike Schleigh in Grove City, Penna., in the middle of heavy weather.

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Bob Chaparro wrote:
"Photo: Delivering A 1957 Chevy
End door boxcar: 

Actually enclosed bi-level auto racks. These cars lacked side doors.  Sylvan once offered resin models of these early CN cars in HO scale.  CN later lengthened the design to 75 ft, and these cars were acquired by Auto-Train Corporation, later going to Amtrak.

Ben Hom

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