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You put a lot out there, Garth.  Let me make a few points.

WAG 200-202 were the first and only ORER entries for the new RR which began operations on the first day of 1956.  They are the only entries in the January 1957 edition.  These cars have never been documented 'off-line' other than to visit the connecting C&PA.

The 1954 time is the incorporation date of the WAG Corp.

WAG 3000 was a B&O O-59 and the first of eight on the road.  (No O-59a cars but how do you tell the difference?)

WAG 3000 as the Tangent model is wholly appropriate for "our time" as it was on the road sometime before 1960, however not in the FCR of the model.  3000 was painted totally in the orange of the Salzberg roads and stenciled in black using a different style of lettering.  It was used in fleshing service.

WAG 3100 was similarly early on the road and painted orange.  It was one of the 1000 cars of B&O O-41 class.  About 1961 three more followed onto the WAG.

WAG 4100-4103 came to the road in 1957 and were on-the-road in August.  These were the only WAG cars painted in the cream yellow and tangerine orange of the Salzberg company that went off line.  The were used for merchandise service.  All four were the so-called B-2 class from the Rock Island, three from 1924, one from 1927 with the radial roof and Klassing hand brake.

WAG 5000 series cars are the former B&M XM-1 boxcars of 1929-1930.  The first of these arrived in the spring of 1958.  By the late 1960s, over 500 were on the road.  The 6000 series were the first to have running boards removed and "A" end ladders cut down, obviously after 'our time.'

Any more WAG questions?

Regards from Grove City, Penna.   Mike Schleigh

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I can't say when tank cars 200-202 came to the WAG, but they are listed in my 1958 ORER.  The WAG began operations in either 1954 or 1956 (confusingly Wikipedia offers both dates), so this is a pretty tight window for us.

A single 52' mill gondola is listed as 3000, a 140,000 lb car at 1745 cu ft and with an overall length of 55' 7" (Duryea underframe), which matches two series of ex-B&O cars (259000-260449, previously covered by Tangent, and 260500-263229, their current offering). Henry Maywald's CLASSIC FREIGHT CARS V. 6 has a photo of 3005 on page 48, which gives a build date of 1937. The new Tangent cars are very nice, but in WAG lettering are apparently too late for our period of interest without a number change to 3000.
Also listed is 3100, a 100,000 lb 50' car at 1523 cu ft with a more common overall length of 52' 7'.

Also present are "steel underframe" boxcars 4100-4103, followed 5001-5074 marked as a new addition in my book.

Here is my one souvenir of the WAG, a car I shot in Roseville around 1968. The 60XX series is not shown in my ORER.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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