Re: GATC Type 17

Schleigh Mike

Thank you Dan!

For the photo of WAG 5009 at Galeton in 1960 with the partial of WAG 200.  (I own the original slide but prints from it were commercially sold in past years.)  WAG 202 was one of the 400 PTCCo tankers Sinclair bought in 1917.  Its number was SDRX 13812.  Oddly, WAG photos of it are typified by the one you posted, only partial views of the car.  The one full view I have is of the car second-back in the string.  "Dots'--four of them--on the dome were a WAG practice carry-over from Sinclair.

By the way WAG 5009 is the only WAG XM-1 I know of that served in hide service, albeit, after our time.

Regards from Grove City, Penna.   Mike Schleigh

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