Re: (Not A Freight Car) Slanted Loading Dock

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

     From a second look I think you are right about only two truss rods on the DL&W boxcar, Eric.
Your version of the photo shows the underbody details a bit better and tells me that part of what I
Thought earlier was the continuation of the board "locking" the turnbuckles in place was actually the
closer part of the further truss rod after the board has passed through it's turnbuckle. But you suggest
the possibility of the car not having a steel underframe. If that is the case could it be that two more rods
of the same size were simply run the length of the car just to hold it together longitudaly? Look at the
casting that forms the upper part of the coupler pocket, please. The two nuts at its outer extremities
appear to be the same size as those on the truss rod ends. What else could they be doing if not holding
the entire length of the car together? A neat car, anyway you view it!

Cordially, Don Valentine

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