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Any ideas of who built the 3202? The series 3200-3206 cars had 12 ribs, and 50-6 interior length.

Tim O'Connor


I can't say when tank cars 200-202 came to the WAG, but they are listed in my 1958 ORER.  The WAG began operations in either 1954 or 1956 (confusingly Wikipedia offers both dates), so this is a pretty tight window for us.

A single 52' mill gondola is listed as 3000, a 140,000 lb car at 1745 cu ft and with an overall length of 55' 7" (Duryea underframe), which matches two series of ex-B&O cars (259000-260449, previously covered by Tangent, and 260500-263229, their current offering). Henry Maywald's CLASSIC FREIGHT CARS V. 6 has a photo of 3005 on page 48, which gives a build date of 1937. The new Tangent cars are very nice, but in WAG lettering are apparently too late for our period of interest without a number change to 3000.
Also listed is 3100, a 100,000 lb 50' car at 1523 cu ft with a more common overall length of 52' 7'.

Also present are "steel underframe" boxcars 4100-4103, followed 5001-5074 marked as a new addition in my book.

Here is my one souvenir of the WAG, a car I shot in Roseville around 1968. The 60XX series is not shown in my ORER.

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Partial shot of WAG 200

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