Re: Photo: Delivering A 1957 Chevy

Schleigh Mike

The Model Railroader article did not relate just how the CN used these cars.  However, I always believed that they were used in much the way AutoTrain did.  That is, passengers on their long haul trains brought along their personal autos.  My wife's family likely used this service when they moved back east from Vancouver, BC in the mid-1960s as they brought home their car after a one-year assignment there.  My October 1958 ORER shows these cars not in interchange.  Perhaps one or more of those in the frozen north can comment.

However, that is clearly a NEW 1957 Chevy in that publicity photo.  There were only 25 cars in the fleet so they could have been used for delivering new cars in some limited or perhaps burgeoning new service offering.

Regards---Mike Schleigh in Grove City, Penna.

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Question: Why a Canadian car? Were some cars built in Canada as early as 1957 or was there some sort of "car pool" in operation.

Bob Witt

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