Re: UP B-50-40 from IM UP B-50-52 kits?

Ed Hawkins

On Jun 2, 2019, at 5:06 PM, Ken Adams <smadanek44g@...> wrote:

I made a blooper bidding on some IM boxcar kits at an NMRA division meet. I wound up with 3 1957 built B-50-52 PS-1 cars instead of cars I could use built as is in my pre-1955 model era. The kits only cost me a total of $14 for the trio so not a great financial loss. I didn't realize how late they were until I got home and started some research. Relying on, the only UP Pullman box cars built prior were the B-50-40 series from 1948. So the question is can these be backdated from a B-50-52 to a B-50-40 at least superficially?

I would need

  • Pullman 10/12 roofs to replace the kit 12/12 roof.
  • Superior 6 Panel Doors for a 10'6 car to replace the Pullman doors
  • Appropriate 1948-50 era decal

There are a number of changes that could be made to back-date the model, however, the significant issue is the UP B-50-40 PS-1 box cars built in 1948 came with 6’ door openings while the B-50-52 cars built in 1957 came with 8’ door openings.

To fit your pre-1955 modeling period, there are 40’ PS-1 box cars for other railroads that could be modeled using the same body without changing any primary features. Cars built in 1954 were SL-SF 18050-18549 or USAX 26912-27231 in which only the doors would require substituting with Youngstown or Superior 6-panel, respectively. 

In case you’re not aware, Kadee has announced the UP B-50-40 box car, which is planned for release in September 2019. Kadee is accepting advance reservations on their web site. Hope this helps. 

Ed Hawkins

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