Re: UP B-50-40 from IM UP B-50-52 kits?

Richard Townsend

Which is why I suggested the Evergreen Roundhouse car. Right roof, good graphics, for a car the OP said didn't need to be exact. YMMV. These were just suggested options. If I didn't already have three of the Evergreen Roundhouse cars I would get the Kadee car myself, but I do so I won't.

And just to be clear, the photo posted of the Evergreen B-50-40 is of one paint scheme, but it also came with the earlier scheme. Also, the roof hatches on that car were an option suggested in one of the kits. Both schemes are shown in this eBay listing:

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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Richard Townshend wrote:
"True enough, but at three times the price."

...and a lot less rework required.  When you start bringing up hacking roofs off of other carbodies (frankly, it's just easier removing the corrugations), the point of diminishing returns comes up on you pretty quick. 

Ben Hom

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