Re: UP B-50-40 from IM UP B-50-52 kits?

Ken Adams

I like your suggestion of USAX 26912-27231 as my currently planned replacement layout includes the SP Avon, Contra Costa (junction for the San Ramon Valley Branch) which is 1 mile west of the Port Chicago Naval Magazine/Munitions depot and could easily see empty (hopefully not loaded) cars awaiting return movement.

The problem lies in finding suitable decals and painting information for military boxcars. I ran into this when I decided to build one of the Port Chicago ex D&RGW 36 foot wood box cars from an Accurail 14xx car. Painting was not a problem as I located a color photo of one of the cars when it  was donated to the Western Railway Museum. On a visit to the museum I was able to inspect one of  the two cars donated and in spite of it being repainted to D&RGW box car red, the under frame an brake gear were still in Navy light battleship grey. But decals were a problem. I wound up using Clover House dry transfers which luckily were specific to the car but which did not go on to well. ( I just tried to add a photo but it did not upload. see

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