Re: Rapido USRA 40-ton Boxcar

William Hirt

According the Burlington Route Historical Society Freight Car Data Sheet on USRA Double Sheathed Boxcars, the USRA Double Sheathed Boxcars (series 120500-120999) built in December 1918 by AC&F were the last double sheathed boxcars the CB&Q purchased (Class XM-24). They were the only CB&Q boxcars built new with Andrews cast steel trucks. Other than resheathing in the 1930s and having a grab added to the left hand side of the car, not much in the way of visible changes were made to these cars (unlike other Q double sheathed boxcars). They kept their KC brakes until retired. They were all gone by the early 1950s.

Bill Hirt

On 6/4/2019 7:56 AM, Jon Miller wrote:
On 6/3/2019 3:23 PM, dalemuir2@... wrote:
Scroll down to single cars, $50 each and you have to reserve at least two.

    Almost all shops and mail order folks will split up the 4 packs.  Only thing now is I need to know what ones for my era, I know the Santa Fe didn't have any left by '41.  Got lots of time  they probably won't ship for a couple of years!:-D


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