Re: Rapido USRA 40-ton Boxcar


     First of all: Thank you to all of you who supplied additional data as to years most likely that these cars were retired.  
This continues to underscore one of the greatest strengths of this list. People who complete and compile research based on factual hard copy based data.  

   Concerns: Bullet point three on the Rapido flyer -  KC or AB brakes as appropriate.
As an former beloved Pastor of mine used to say, Now there is a statement a mile wide and a quarter inch deep.
I do appreciate what Rapido does as a mfgr for us and do not mean that as a dig. I would hope that Rapido could supply more data as this run takes a more solid shape. 

       Found on this list in the message posts here when searching with: "K brake ban",... 65 posts of varying degree.   An observation by Mike that, "We have discussed this almost as often as color."   Most pertinent finds by my interest, posts 110445, 110457, and 36836.    Also searching directly in the files folder by K brake ban again, an AAR date file compiled and uploaded by Jeff English. 

 See msg post 11045 if you model prior to August 1953. 

  Of research that I can offer:    
    I model Sept. 1953, and have found for the Northern Pacific Rwy, a few AFE's for 1953 that reference brake conversion for a good number of home road cars to AB brakes. I think was a final clean up effort to push stragglers over the deadline for the 1953 AAR Interchange dates. So the NP certainly had a number cars in the first half of 1953 still with K brakes. Perhaps the Korean war had some effect on the changeover. I have found in prior research on railroad interlocking, [any pull wire control at interlockings out, steel pipe replacement in] affected changes mandated by rulings in 1941-1944 due to steel shortages.   

     Based on all of the above, I will model a few very few older XMs with K brakes, home road all, and perhaps a few tank cars with K brakes.  I am not trying to justify these with a "there is a prototype for everything" type of thing. I used to belong to a rr club where the toy trainers would use that response endlessly and took joy from the rest of us.   

    The price seems fair if the end models are of the same quality the pre-production model shows. I realize not all will agree with that sentiment however the model shown, seems to be another step upward in quality.                                                                                                                                                 Jim Dick - Roseville, MN 

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