Re: Rapido USRA 40-ton Boxcar


As has been noted here before, some of these cars have paint schemes that are characteristic of earlier years and some that are better representations of later paint schemes.  I'll hazard a guess that this is what Rapido means by 'as appropriate'.  Taking the MP car as an example, the lettering shown in the illustration appears to be that adopted after the AAR rules changed to simplify the amount of data stenciled on the car.  This would mean the car's third paint scheme, with the USRA stenciling that was on the cars as-delivered, followed by (most likely) a mid- to late-20s repaint with the classic MP stenciling (the Desoto font or lettering style) and the extensive AAR data stenciling, and finally this one which would be dated from sometime in the thirties onward.

But MP was also an early adopter of geared handbrakes, yet the illustration shows the as-delivered vertical brakestaff.  Rapido is known to adapt based on the feedback we send, or at least much better than some, so we'll see what happens.  I have one Westerfield USRA double-sheated car (MP 45000 series), which is probably all I need since my era is a few years later than the date that the last of these cars came out of revenue service, but some of these cars likely ended up being converted to bunk or tool cars, so there's hope. 

Of course, were I to comvert one of these to a bunk car, I wouldn't need a painted and lettered one....

Ron Merrick

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