Re: Rapido USRA 40-ton Boxcar

Charlie Vlk

Some may have gotten the impression from this discussion that the USRA DS box cars were the primary origin of Andrews trucks on the CB&Q.

This is not correct.   Here are the classes that had some if not all of the cars with Andrews trucks per a 1930 CB&Q Truck Diagram Book:

Truck No. 39       100M Car Cast Steel Freight Truck    GA-7   GA-9   TM-4   GA-8   GA-9   GA-11   GE-2

Truck No. 46       100M Car Cast Steel Freight Truck    GA-15

Truck No. 47       100M Car Cast Steel Freight Truck    XM-24

Truck No. 48       100M Car Cast Steel Freight Truck    GS-2   HT-2   HT-3   HT-4

Truck No. 48A     100M Car Cast Steel Freight Truck    GS-6   GS-7   FM-11A   

 (replacement for Truck No. 31 using parts except sideframes and new bolsters only on FM-11 A)         

 Truck No. 113     140M USRA Tender Truck   F-1   G-5   M-3   O-4

My library is currently inaccessible as I am finishing new bookcases so I cannot extract more modern information on truck usage.   I do know, however, that the SM-16 and other classes of Stock Cars did receive Andrews trucks.   Except for the tender trucks that came with the USRA steam locomotives it is probable that most if not all Andrews trucks were sideframe replacements for various archbar trucks although in the 1930 CB&Q Truck Diagram Book only the 48A is specifically called out as such.

It would be interesting to learn if the Soo Line actually had purchased the trucks from the CB&Q or if they were simply railroad museum retrofits.

Charlie Vlk


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