Re: Rapido USRA 40-ton Boxcar


         Among the numerous drawings I supplied to get the car green lighted by Rapido before they ever approached our NP modeling committee, I had searched at the MNHS for a matter of months every Tuesday evenings and Saturday days, in addition to other times as my job and the MNHS library hours would allow, in order to find the drawing of the underframe. 
         In the evolution of getting things rolling, there was a question if - whomever did the original modeled car - had indeed done the underframe correctly. No name because I still respect all they did to move this hobby forward. It, the drawing of the underframe, had been somehow misfiled at the MNHS and I began to wonder if the drawing even existed. 

     I just looked at the scan I did of the drawing and found on the bottom left corner.  It has P.S.C. Co Dwg 52240-E  lettered in. The number it was filed under by the NP Mechanical Dept. on the lower right is quite different. Now some of the other drawings I found, like the Ideal Safety Hand brake, have notations on the drawing that they are covered by applicable patents of the W H Miner brake Co. The underframe drawing does not. 

      I cannot say then if the underframe on the NP car is or is not unique to the NP.  If you have further information on the underframes origin, I would be happy to hear of it. 

   If it turns out there is some commonality to the underframe, or this was an "off the shelf" design, well I am happy Rapido noted this. The original rendition on the Rapido NP models I have are lovingly reproduced when compared to the original blueprints.                                                   Jim Dick - Roseville, MN 

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