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Todd Horton

I’ve owned several sets of digital and dial calipers over the years.   Mitutoyo seems to be my favorite but Swiss made Brown & Shape dial calipers are good also. The digital advantage is the ability to switch between metric and standard.  Sadly my American made Starrett calipers are very troublesome and sensitive to metal chips.       Todd Horton 

On Jun 6, 2019, at 5:48 PM, Bill Welch <fgexbill@...> wrote:

Among the clinics I attended at the recent the NERPM, the most expensive was the one presented by Ryan Mendell, "Machinist Tools For Modellng, Part 1 - Hand Tools." In just two days I have spent about $200 for five new tools and I have not purchased a Digital Caliper yet. Ryan runs the Machine Shops at the University of Toronto and is a Mechanical Engineer who started hanging around a machine shop at age 14. He also was selling a neat little Finger Sander he calls the "tight Spot Sander." Here is a link to the Demo video:

Regarding his presentation, it can be found here, but be careful with your credit card or PayPal account:

Bill Welch

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