Re: "Machinist Tools For Modeling, Part 1 - Hand Tools." clinic at recent NERPM

Ralph W. Brown

Bill, et al.,
This was one of the most enlightening clinics I attended at the NERPM, and “enlightening” is definitely a multiple meaning word, particularly with regard to the impact on one’s wallet.  My favorite of his tools is probably Ryan called a “sensitive drill attachment.”  McMaster-Carr calls it a “Straight-Shank Drill Chuck Arbor with Drill-Feed Attachment” or “sensitive drill chick arbor” (, and it is slick.  Of course, one will also need a No. 0 Jacobs chuck to go with it ( or  The arbor runs $86.56 from McMaster-Carr and the Jacobs chuck another $90.00 to $105.00 depending on the source.  Still is, as I said, a really slick arrangement and has been added to my planned acquisition list.
The clinic provided a wealth of other great tool ideas and techniques as well.  Ryan’s planning to do Part 2 on machine tools next year and I’m planning to be there.
Ralph Brown
Portland, Maine
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From: Bill Welch
Sent: Thursday, June 6, 2019 5:44 PM
Subject: [RealSTMFC] "Machinist Tools For Modeling, Part 1 - Hand Tools." clinic at recent NERPM
Among the clinics I attended at the recent the NERPM, the most expensive was the one presented by Ryan Mendell, "Machinist Tools For Modeling, Part 1 - Hand Tools." In just two days I have spent about $200 for five new tools and I have not purchased a Digital Caliper yet. Ryan runs the Machine Shops at the University of Toronto and is a Mechanical Engineer who started hanging around a machine shop at age 14. He also was selling a neat little Finger Sander he calls the "tight Spot Sander." Here is a link to the Demo video:
Regarding his presentation, it can be found here, but be careful with your credit card or PayPal account:

Bill Welch

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