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Charles Peck

Absolutely with you, Denny.  When I was working for the US Navy as a machinist, we were not allowed
to have digital calipers in our tool boxes.  Every measuring tool we used had to be traceable back to the
Bureau of Standards.  Our calibration people had no way to connect software to any official standard.
Vernier calipers were OK.  Mechanical dial calipers were allowed to check the size of a drill bit, not a 
finished piece.  Nothing digital at all.
That said, now I'm retired, I have a pair of digitals for such things as checking rail size or styrene strip.
Chuck Peck

On Fri, Jun 7, 2019 at 1:01 PM Denny Anspach <danspachmd@...> wrote:
Jack Burgess hit it on the head when he points out that you get what you pay for:  the Harbor Freight and similar are commodity grade or less calipers and if one is into disposable instruments, these can certainly  be useful.

I have six calipers, Mititoyo, Helios (German), Brown & …..? (Swiss), none of them new, all extremely accurate, and none…none at all depending on batteries. I use dial calipers routinely, but use only vernier calipers to check on  critical measurements.  I learned my lesson on the latter some years ago when I found to my chagrin that I could find no one, nada, zip, that would even consider, much less touch a repair on any of the digital calipers (“throw them out”).  I also learned that to a man, the fine instrument repair shops use only vernier calipers to check accuracy in their work.

My core instruments are almost all the very best I can find, and in that regard, they have paid, and continue to pay for themselves in accuracy, wear, longevity, and usefulness over the years-  the ultimate economy.


Denny S. Anspach MD
Okoboji, IA

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