Re: Rapido USRA 40-ton Boxcar

Bill Schneider

Now that I’m back from a few days off, let me clarify a couple of things on the USRA boxcar project that have been discussed here                   …


1 – The cars are being sold TO DISTRIBUTORS as a four-pack, but they are four induvial that can be offered for sale by the stores individually.


2 – The majority of the cars will come with KC brakes installed. Only a few will have AB (primarily TH&B and SP&S). This information will be on the web site shortly. However, realizing that brake changeover dates (if any) varied, I’ve asked the factory to include the other set of brake parts in the box so that they can be swapped out if desired.


3 – Most of the lettering styles (in this run) are from the 1930-50s era as that is our most popular (sorry Eric….). If we get enough requests we will certainly look at adding earlier schemes into the next run.


4 – Prices are in US dollars.




Bill Schneider

Rapido Trains


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