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Now it works! Thanks!

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Many of you know me - I am Bob Webber, current Curator of the Pullman Library in Beautiful Downtown Union, IL.  Data on our Library can be found on the IRM web site:

MANY years ago, I created a "shadow" web site because we could not get ANYTHING changed, posted or deleted on the official one - hence the link at the bottom.

For years people have been asking if we can provide a list of all the drawings we had.  We could not - there simply is no index. 

On the other hand, we have a few drawings scanned.  In one particular stretch - basically in 1928-1930 - we've been busily scanning drawings.  So now there is about 1% scanned, or about 2800 drawings. But they give a fairly good cross section of types of drawings in these years.  (Note, these years are encompassed by drawings from about SS-53000 to SS-55000) .

The list that will be linked in this e-mail is an experiment and a call for comments.  Note that this list is just that - drawing number & caption.  No sample drawings, no other information. 

We know there are errors, typos, and such - bound to be after some 50,000 drawings of all types have been scanned & metadata added.  Too, the roughly 15 years that is represented on our part was a learnign curve as we had to learn what was important, how to use the software, etc.

I'll leave off the "FAQ" I did on another list - if there are comments, questions, hate mail, etc. remember one thing.  DO NOT CALL.  The Library's phone system is about as stable as a rat in a meth lab.  Sometimes we get it, and it works beautifully (usually for spam phone calls) customer phone calls, not so much.   Use the IO, Comcast or the Pullman Library's gmail account irmpulllib&gm***.c** (asterisks to be replaced by real stuff by you, the reader).  Note.  DO NOT USE the IRM E-mail that has been set up guessed  it - that too is hosed.  At times well over the limit set, at other times I simply do not get the mail, and at other times, it forwards only half of it.  So...there is that (or not). is a slightly upgraded version of the freight car list (heh) for your perusal - I can answer questions as will others - you likely should keep the more personal, attacking and/or specific questions to the above accounts and not litter the list.

(The list can be found almost at the bottom of this index - which otw has not been updated since ..well...a long time)

Bob Webber



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