Re: Pullman Library Freight Car Drawings

Bob Webber

I have added the Haskell & Barker & the Pullman/Pullman Standard drawings.  Note that there are missing captions in the HB list - that has to be looked into - rather than delete them, I kept them because, well, I'm busy doing other things - you can always filter or sort. 

A couple of points:
I did not pre-spell check this version - it's rawer than the last.
It is not sorted - I figured than anyone using it will sort or filter as they wish.
It is saved as an XLS file type
Note - the file name has changed - as did the description.  If you still see Standard Steel - you have an old cached version, and you'll need to reload.  If you used Jeff's method, the file will no longer be there. 

This process (and the response) has been a bit eye-opening as I had though this part of the process had gone firly well - in that I thought we had captions for every thing.  We do not (or it didn't resolve correctly - TBD).

Again, these are only the drawings scanned - mostly as a result of orders, though I have started scanning entire folders.  .  These 3 list segments are a tiny proportion of the available drawings, and we are trying to process more, as time allows. 

I thought that even in the raw form, it might hep people see what might be available for projects down the road. 

Thanks for the comments!

(And yes, fonts & such need cleaning up on the page)

Bob Webber

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