Re: Steel casting colors

Tony Thompson

Ron Merrick wrote:

For castings (or forgings) that have been outside for a few months, the color ends up being about the same for ductile iron and for carbon steel (or many of the steel alloys).  But castings that have been freshly grit blasted, then set outside, there is a pretty good variation from yellow to orange to dark rusty color.

    Those are certainly realistic rust colors, as I've described in my blog and in weathering clinics. However, not every casting or forging is left out in the weather. I have photos of some VERY large forgings on flat cars, and they are the typical bluish-gray of mill scale. Over time, they might well show rust, but not every such piece will show rust. Even freshly cast steel or cast iron does not rust right away. So I would say that modeling materials of that kind is going to depend on the vendor and the purchaser, whether the part is promptly shipped or sits around in the yard. In many cases, a grayish color would be best.

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