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Up to date I never understood the move to digital calipers for hobby purposes. Eyes getting worse with age is the first credible explanation for me. I just don't trust those digital things. I have had two failures with them, both showing real crap at the display after some time of usage. (Don't know the make anymore.) I realized this as the display value was WAAAYYYY off the real value - several mm! But what with errors in the decimal digits?
I just don't trust them, and I have a very old-school analog caliper wich works forever and is precisely enough for my hobby efforts.

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Jack Burgess hit it on the head when he points out that you get what you pay for: the Harbor Freight and similar are commodity grade or less calipers and if one is into disposable instruments, these can certainly be useful.

I have six calipers, Mititoyo, Helios (German), Brown & …..? (Swiss), none of them new, all extremely accurate, and none…none at all depending on batteries. I use dial calipers routinely, but use only vernier calipers to check on critical measurements. I learned my lesson on the latter some years ago when I found to my chagrin that I could find no one, nada, zip, that would even consider, much less touch a repair on any of the digital calipers (“throw them out”). I also learned that to a man, the fine instrument repair shops use only vernier calipers to check accuracy in their work.

My core instruments are almost all the very best I can find, and in that regard, they have paid, and continue to pay for themselves in accuracy, wear, longevity, and usefulness over the years- the ultimate economy.


Denny S. Anspach MD
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