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Bob Webber

David, the file names (the left column) is in 3 parts - the "SS-" indicates Standard Steel.   The 45602 indicates the Standard Steel Drawing Number.  The .tif is the file type we scan & store the files as.  Hence the SS-45602.tif is the full file name for the scan of that drawing.  Which is itself  "traced from C.C.C.R. Co.  Print 2704-D" - it shows the end of the specific type along with posts that support it behind and the manner in which the end is fastened to the roof (or vice-versa).  It is a 35" x 19" original on linen. 

Scanned this May - would likely would never be scanned  (in an order-driven process).  There are all sorts of interesting ends, roofs, trucks and such - and hundreds of small parts - that wouldn't normally have been scanned. The main reason I have been scanning these is precisely that they wouldn't normally be ordered - and I wanted to present a nice "cross section" of drawing types; as well as railroad orders. 

The plan is to obtain a collections management system, use the information we have been entering as a feed to it and present a searchable object on the web. 

Towards that end too, we've been creating a "database (sic)" of assets (manuals, photos, negatives, documents, film, indexes, etc.) for the same purpose.  Who knows we have hundreds of Trailmobile negatives?  Dating to *very* early in the company (1900s)?  Or EMD marine and maritime (portable) prime mover manuals?  Or WW I trench equipment drawings?  Or Images of the test center in Hammond for freight equipment; loading of tanks & equipment built in the plants (as well as testing those vehicles); bombs & shells; ship drawings; Plant drawings and photos; freight car scheme proposals; Vendor drawings,  etc. - along with the "normal" freight & passenger car equipment drawings. terms of freight cars - 95% of drawings, Images & data *IS* Steam era. 

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This one could be interesting:
SS-45602.tif?? Vulcan Corrugated Steel End - 1921 - 200 BAR Box Cars

David Thompson

Bob Webber

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