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Hello Pierre, Nelson,

The parts Nelson cites are separate wheel housing sets done by DA. The Equipco is a 3750 gear, the Miner is a D3290 gear and the Ureco is a fantasy gear.

The Grandt Line ? DA set contains 4 gears, this set was done for a project that never fully materialized.

Gene Green went over these some time back so I will copy his post:

Gene Green

My information differs somewhat from that which was copied from their website.
Since all hand brake installations on new cars are grandfathered, any given hand brake can continue in use long after actual production has stopped.
Ajax 5 is actually model no. 14665 with short release lever introduced Nov 1953.
Ajax 5-1 is actually model no. 14665-1 with long release lever introduced abut 1970.
Ajax 5 is also model no. 14665-B with no release lever introduced Aug 1961.
Ajax 7 & 7-1, models 15018 & 15018-1 respectively, short & long release levers respectively were introduced in 1974.  These are intermediate power hand brakes and, in their applied position would have a loop of chain dangling from left of center as well as the chain to the vertical hand brake rod.
Save for the presence & type or absence of release lever the 5 hand brakes above had very, very similar housings.
The Champion/Champion Orme/Champion Peacock 1148 was introduced in 1937 and production stopped in 1953.
I have no information indicating there was ever an Equipco hand brake model 2550.
Equipco 3750/3750-A/3750-B/3750-C/3750-D were introduced in Oct 50, Dec 50, Oct 51, Apr 54 and May 57, each predecessor being obsolete and no longer produced upon the introduction of its successor.  This hand brake had no release lever and was in a malleable (cast) housing.  There was a model 3750-E which may have existed on paper only.  In 1974 Equipco 3750-F was introduced with a forged (stamped) housing virtually identical to the Equipco 4000.  Equipco 3750-F lasted to 1999.  Equipco 3750-FS was sold only to the N&W and L&N and, for our purposes, was identical to 3750-F and all 4000 models.
Ellcon-National model 1148-J was essentially the Champion mechanism in a forged E-N housing and did not resemble the Champion 1148 at all.  It looked like the Peacock 1600, AAR 1966, body.
The Klasing 1150 was introduced in Aug 1961 and last sold in 1977, exactly the information on the website to which reference was made.
Klasing 1450, 1500, 1500-1, 1700 & 1700-1 was a family of hand brakes in similar housings.  The 1450 was never sold but a model 1450 (A) was on the market from 1972 to 1993.  It had no release lever.  Models 1500 & 1500-1 were introduced in 1969 and went through a number of internal changes indicated only by suffix letters, something with which we need not be concerned.  The "-1" indicates a long release lever.  The others had a short release lever.  The 1500 was still available in 1999, the 1500-1 to 1993.  Models 1700 & 1700-1 were introduced in 1993 and lasted until Klasing was sold to New York Air Brake in this century.
The Miner D-3290, D-3290-X & D-3290-XL  were introduced in 1937, May 43 & 1951.  Miner model 18486-B1, which had essentially the same appearance as its predecessors, was introduced in 1970.  Each model was obsolete when its successor was introduced and the 18486-B1 was obsolete in 1979.
Miner models 6600 & 6600-L were introduced in 1967 and obsolete in 1981.  Guess which one had the long release lever.  The other one had a short release lever.
Universal 2250 from 1957 to 1962.
Universal 7400 (short release lever) and 7400-3 (long) were introduced in 1963 & 1967 respectively.  They apparently lasted in production into this century.
Gene Green

Hope this helps,
Dan Smith

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