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William Hirt

This photo from the same collection shows a several large stacks of returned cases under a tarp as a CB&Q switcher sets cars to be loaded. 9203 was the Q's first NW2. It has a large herald under the cab and cab numbering that was different from standard Q switcher scheme at the time.

Freight car content: The first car behind is the switcher is B&O 479097 (Class M-55ha/M-55hb?) that is only year or so old. The next car is a SSW Wood Sheathed Boxcar whose number I can not identify. The third is an outside braced car that is a CB&Q car that might be a Class XA-7 built by Pullman in 1922 or Class XA-8 built by Pullman in 1925 that had both 6' and 4' sliding doors. Obviously no longer in auto service and was then in general service.


Bill Hirt

On 6/13/2019 9:22 AM, prr6380 via Groups.Io wrote:
The Falstaff beer being loaded is beer in returnable bottles.  The cardboard case had easily opened and closed top flaps.  The case and the bottles were paid a deposit and were refunded on return to the dealer.  The bottles were cleaned and refilled at the brewery.  During the whole round trip the cases were handled individually as the men were shown doing in the photo. 

Walt Stafa


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