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Yes, hence L&N's use of the same car (with one number changed), to boldly proclaim (laying it on thick here) it's prominence in shipping your post-prohibition products to the far corners of the continent.

I wonder if they just stuck new labels on the ends of empty crates?

One final thing: in the post-prohibition landscape, whiskey production exploded. I have a small group of menus from nightclubs pre- and post-war WW2, and they each display an astounding variety of whiskies long since gone. They also display a wide range of prices per drink, with bourbon up top, and ryes at the bottom. Bottoms up!

Elden Gatwood

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Did you notice that the contents of the car is different as well? 13979 is loaded with “Old Senator”, while 18979 Has “James Pepper”.


Brian Ehni

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These photos from that UK Archive have been discussed before and yes same car with "3" changed to "8."

Car is a XM-1 design with three lever brake system.

Bill Welch

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