Re: this excellent view of AGS 10804 precursor to SU class

gary laakso

The bolsters are single “I” beams in the picture and double on the later Southern cars.

Gary Laakso

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More like 1916:
"SU" just means "steel underframe", and isn't really a Southern Ry. car designation (from what I can tell, they didn't have any, just engineering drawing designations which were far longer that two characters). And car 150555 here matches the later 1920s cars within a couple of inches (except inside dimensions, of course).

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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It appears to be a very late predecessor of the Southern SU boxcar, whose construction started in 1922.  A great find, Claus.   


Gary Laakso

Northwest of Mike Brock


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Hi List Members,


Some might enjoy this excellent view of AGS 10804, a 36ft ds trussrod boxcar


See link below.



Claus Schlund


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