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Peter Ness

Todd, Do you mean roofs thata looka lika this? (BTW, note both apparently black and red sill steps on two adjacent cars in foreground; Rule #1: There are no Rules…)



Peter Ness


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About 8-9 years ago, I did a lot of work on a fleet of 28 Atlas Swift reefers for a friend of mine with a large layout.  I studied all the color photos I could find (there are not many), and did a lot of detail painting and car renumbering as well as painting up and decaling two different yellow schemes.  My reading of the yellow that Swift used is that it was a little more orange than Floquil's Reefer Yellow, so I added a small amount Reefer Orange and perhaps a touch of some freight car red color.  It seemed reasonably close.  As for black parts on red cars, I agree generally with Richard Townsend's comments.  One of the most interesting things about the red wooden cars was the fact that Swift painted the sides and ends and left the roofs alone, unless the roofs were painted silver.  The unpainted roofs seemed to be repainted board-by-board with all kinds of red hues from new Swift red to light pink and even shades of gray where the paint was completely gone.  I'll see if I can find a photo or two of the models and post them with this.

BTW, one of the small color books on the anthracite country railroads had a down-on shot of a CNJ yard with 2-3 Swift reefers in both the red and yellow schemes.

Todd Sullivan

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