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Some color views of both Wilson and Armour cars are found in John Henderson's CLASSIC FREIGHT CARS, VOL. 3. He offers four photos of steel Armour cars, and all have somewhat different tones, ranging from orange to yellow. Whether the original paint was different, or the variations are because of lighting, film type, or printing, I can't say. Similarly, the two views of Wilson steel cars are also quite different, and certainly lighting plays a role here, as the sky is rendered differently in the two photos.

One of the Wilson cars is lettered WCLX, but under lease to Schuyler Packing Co. and carries their herald. Question for discussion: Was Wilson a car supplier, a packer, or both?

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On 6/14/19 9:32 PM, Peter Ness wrote:

Hi Nelson,


RMJ (on TrainLife) has the Swift article in the Feb 1993 issue by Martin Lofton that includes color and b/w prototype photos. There is also a 3-part article by Richard Hendrickson on 36’ wood reefers in the Feb ’96, Oct. ’96 and Mar ’97 issues that includes b/w photos of some Swift reefers. You may find these helpful as well.


Now if I could only find such detail information on Wilson and Armour reefers I’d be a happy camper.


Peter Ness


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