Meat Reefer routing

John Barry

Obviously meat reefers were routed from the large packing houses to the distributors, but who were the distributors? I'm beginning to think that the large brands such as Swift, Cudahay, etc. shipped to their own distributor network who then sold to grocers, butchers and other wholesalers locally.  I base this partly on the 1943 Oakland City Directory listing for Meat Wholesalers which includes Cudahay at 222 3rd street, right on the WP line into Oakland.  It is in an industrial area with no room for a stock yard, just inland from the Santa Fe's Alice Street facilities.  Swift is several blocks west on the WP line at 312 Clay Street.  Morrell is between them on the next street toward the water at 364 2nd Street.  These distributorship facilities may give you a reason to include your favorite meat reefer on your layout, even if they didn't have a slaughterhouse and stockyards.

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On Saturday, June 15, 2019, 8:23:22 AM EDT, mopacfirst <ron.merrick@...> wrote:

Not to derail the paint discussion, but I just noticed that both of these reefers have, on the roof, the characteristic angle just outboard of the hatches that was standard on ART cars.  They also have the characteristic horizontal seam.

Were these cars built by ACF (or someone else) to an ART design?

Ron Merrick

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