Re: Paint Scheme for Swift 6700 Series Reefers

Douglas Harding

Nelson the photo I have of a 6700 Swift reefer is BW. It appears that sill steps are red, when compared to the plate under the door. Attached is a photo of 4863 in red. Also attached is a Swift ad showing a yellow car.


On red cars the plate under the door was always black. End sills are red. Photos show sill steps were black or red. I speculating originally black, and then painted red on repaints.


Doug  Harding


From: [] On Behalf Of Nelson Moyer
Sent: Friday, June 14, 2019 11:49 AM
Subject: [RealSTMFC] Paint Scheme for Swift 6700 Series Reefers


I’m building two Sunshine 6700 series reefers, and I only have two photos of these cars, both in black and white. SRLX 6723 is painted in the yellow banner scheme, and it’s clear that the underframe cover plates and sill steps are yellow, while the rest of the underframe is black. SRLX 6714 is painted in the red scheme, and it’s not possible to determine if the color plates and sill steps are red or black. I can’t tell if the end sills are red or black. I’d appreciate information about the red paint scheme for this car and any color photos available.


Nelson Moyer

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