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Roger Robar

Somewhere in my files I have a photo of a very similar Menasha car that is a 50’ car.   ……..  Roger Robar


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On Sat, Jun 15, 2019 at 12:07 PM, Charlie Vlk wrote:

Google is your friend….

I think this Wikipedia definition of “treen” that comes up in a search for “woodenware” is likely close to the intent on the car since furniture is clearly intended to be separate:

Charlie, I disagree. Here is all the definition of "woodenware" as it pertains to freightcars that you need. What it has in common with furniture is it won't "nest" so is light in weight for it's volume, necessitating an oversize freightcar. Carriages were another commodity that needed oversize cars, as were automobiles when they came along, and eventually lent their mane to the oversize cars.

Dennis Storzek

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