Photos: Cooperage Cars

Bob Chaparro

The discussion of woodenware cars took me to discussion of cooperage cars.

I found these photos on the Railroad-Line Forums.

Below are the comments by the original posters of the photos.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


Posted by OK Hogger

H.D. Williams moved from Poplar Bluff, MO to Leslie, AR in the 1900s and shipped over the Missouri & North Arkansas.


Posted by SAFN SAAP

A. Knabb & Co. Cooperage Car. This car is a sister to the AM Welti & Bros., 60 feet long, 10'6" high.

Little Rock Cooperage Co. It is very similar to the HD Williams Cooperage Co car.

The first is from the A M Welti Bros., out of Cleveland, OH. This is a 65' car, that is approximately 13' 6" tall, and 9" 6" wide. It has a unique three way, off center door. It opens on the top, the center, and the bottom. The indication is that there are floors in this car, otherwise there would be no reason for the hinge sets.

The second is the Hutchinson Cooperage Car. This is a 60' car, that is 11' 2" tall, and 10' wide. It is one of the few monster boxcars that existed west of the Mississippi and could not travel to the East because tunnels were not possible with it.

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