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Ed Hawkins

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Friday I received the latest car released by Kadee, a 40' PS-1 boxcar lettered for Norfolk & Western 53124. As usual, the Kadee representation looks fabulous. I have one question though. According to Ed Hawkins' PS-1 list from 2006, this car should be equipped with a Blaw-Knox running board. Until the recently released Morton running board castings [thanks Sam!], Kadee apparently supplied Apex running boards on all their PS-1s (that's what it says on the packages I have in my parts stock). Are there major differences between Apex and Blaw-Knox running boards, or are they close enough not attract attention on an HO model?

Apex Tri-lok, Blaw-Knox, Kerrigan, and the redesigned version (late-1953 to early 1954) of the U.S. Gypsum running board & brake step were all rectangular open-grid design with a similar overall appearance. The use of Blaw-Knox running boards & brake steps was relatively uncommon on PS-1 box cars with N&W being the largest user by far, possibly the only user. 

The construction & design of each type was different as explained & pictured in RP CYC Volume 16. Specifically Blaw-Knox used twisted rods for the crosswise members vs. Apex & the later-version U.S. Gypsum having flat bars for the crosswise members. 

The Kadee rectangular open-grid running board & brake step represents an Apex Tri-lok design, which has been available since the inception of their 40’ PS-1 box car model first released 22 years ago in June 1997. In HO scale the differences of the others become subtle such that Blaw-Knox & others of the rectangular-grid design are all represented by the same Kadee running board & brake step on their models. Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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