Re: New Kadee Ordering Policies

G.J. Irwin

I can offer the data point that the "brother" company, Micro-Trains Line, Inc. (MTL) has had a standing order policy for most of its regular runs for, I think, as long as they became independent from Kadee in 1990.  (Keith and Dale Edwards, the "K" and "D" in Kadee, agreed to split the original Kadee into the "new" Kadee for HO and above and Micro-Trains Line for N and Z Scales, with both offering some HOn3 items.  Although I should hardly call a 29 year firm the "new" Kadee, I suppose.) 

It seems like Kadee's standing order policy might resemble Micro-Trains in that specific quantities can be tailored or body styles omitted.  MTL does allow dealers to increase quantities above standing orders if I recall correctly.  Micro-Trains does release product that is not included in standing orders, such as containers and piggyback trailers that are "in the future" for this group.   The standing order policy doesn't apply to pre-orders either.

George Irwin

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