Re: Montour twin hopper M 8014

Benjamin Hom

Garth Groff wrote:
"The mystery deepens. My October  1958 ORER lists 231 cars in series 8000-8299. Likely the number series was reused for other cars. Maybe. These cars had a 2081 capacity and were rated for 100,000 lbs. Principal dimensions were a 33' inside length, 10' 4" inside width; 34' overall length; 10' 5" height to top of sides; 11' 7" extreme height which could indicate a vertical brake staff or a heap shield.  Does this match dimensions you have?"

No.  M 8000-series dimensions are as David stated, and are characteristic of PRR Class GLA.  According to Gene P. Shaeffer's "The Montour Railroad, M 8000-8099 are ex-C&O cars from C&O 40000-43749, obtained in trade for 111 Montour gondolas in 1937.  (Montour January 1945 ORER entry attached.)

The number series was reused.  M 8000-8299 were rebuilt in 1957 from M 18000-18299, AAR alternate standard offset twins built by Pullman-Standard in 1941.

Ben Hom

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