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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Tony, Ben, Garth, David, and List Members,
Thanks for the useful and interesting replies.
I think I figured out why the car is stencilled DISCO - see link below...
If the reweigh date really is 1947, then this is indeed a very rare bird, with only enough cars in service that one can count the entire fleet of them on the fingers of both hands!
Perhaps these GLa copies were specifically purchased for dedicated service to this one mine for some unknown reason. If the cars were being loaded with coal at the Disco mine, and were also delivering their load of coal to some online destination, then the archbar trucks might not have been an issue since the cars would never leave Montour tracks.
Claus Schlund

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Only 8 cars in this series remained on 1-1-50. I'd also guess that the trucks had been changed by then. Contrast that number of cars to the 1472 USRA cars in the 15000, 16000 and 17000 number series. Tony Wagner

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Hi List Members,
The Montour twin hopper M 8014 shown closest to the camera in the image linked below has a more-than-slight resemblance to a PRR class GLa hopper - especially the end construction. Does anyone else agree? Was this previously known regarding MONTOUR hoppers?
The reweigh date might be 1947, altho it is hard to tell. Note the car is rolling around on archbar trucks - this might be a little uncommon if the reweigh date really is 1947!
Is the car stencilled DISCO on the side? If so, does someone know what that indicates?
My Dec 1930 ORER does not show this car listed - does anyone know when this hopper was in service?
Claus Schlund

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